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Refund Policy

<Refund Policy>
We provide a free reapply in the event that your application is rejected, and depending on the circumstances, we will reapply again for free
However, if the final result is not approved, we will refund all fees.

<Cases in which refunds are not available>
■In the event of disapproval due to the following customer responsibilities, the balance of the fee will not be charged, but the initial fee will not be able to refund
・If a detrimental fact was concealed 
・If you conceal facts and submitting a false application.
・If you commit a crime during the application process.
・If you have multiple minor traffic offenses.
・If there is a year during the relevant period in which annual income is less than 3 million yen.
・If there is unpaid or delayed payment of pension, health insurance premiums, or other taxes.
・If you have a departure from Japan for more than 3 months at a time, or more than 100 days in total in a year.
・If you fail to cooperate in submitting documents in accordance with the instructions of the Immigration Office or our office.
・If your income drops significantly due to unemployment or other reasons after the application is submitted and you are no longer able to maintain a livelihood.
・If you are unable to provide a guarantor, or if the application was rejected due to the guarantor.
・If you withdraw your application before the results are available for your convenience.
・If you are unable to continue your application because your application for status of residence that you applied for during the period of review for permanent residence has been disapproved and you are no longer able to stay in Japan (Excluding cases where our office has applied for said status on your behalf). 
・If you have renewed your visa on your own and your period of stay has become one year.
・If you decided not to reapply or reapply again, and the application was withdrawn before the results are obtained.
・If you apply for the visa application document check service Light Plan


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